Once USA bombed itself

The United States has faced criticism from the global community for its involvement in several bombings worldwide, which have been seen as driven by an imperialist agenda. However, amidst these condemnations, there exists a tragic and lesser-known fact: the United States once carried out a bombing on its own soil. This dark chapter in American history unfolded 39 years ago in Philadelphia, on 13 May 1985, when the local police force launched a devastating attack on the headquarters of MOVE, a Black liberation organization. The consequences of this assault were nothing short of horrifying, as it resulted in the loss of 11 lives, including the lives of five innocent children.

The assault began with the police dropping a bomb on the roof of the MOVE headquarters. As chaos ensued, the officers unleashed a barrage of gunfire on anyone attempting to escape the building. The target of this brutal attack was a home that belonged to both the Black liberation and environmentalist group MOVE. The police, armed with automatic weapons, showed no mercy as they fired upon the helpless occupants.

To make matters worse, the police resorted to using explosives to blow holes in the walls of the house. This reckless action only added to the destruction and danger faced by the innocent women and children inside. The situation escalated further when the police commissioner gave the order to bomb the house entirely. The officers complied, utilizing an improvised device made from C4, which had been provided to them by the FBI.

The consequences of this horrific act were devastating. Five adults and six children lost their lives in the explosion and subsequent fire. Additionally, the blast destroyed a staggering 61 homes in the predominantly Black neighborhood, leaving 250 people homeless. The scale of destruction and loss was unimaginable.

Despite the magnitude of this tragedy, no officials were held accountable for their actions. Shockingly, it was Ramona Africa, one of the survivors of the blast, who faced legal repercussions. She was unjustly sentenced to seven years in prison on charges of riot and conspiracy. It is worth noting that this incident occurred during the tenure of Philadelphia’s first Black mayor, Wilson Goode, who belonged to the Democratic Party.

The bombing of the MOVE headquarters stands as a painful reminder of the injustices and violence that have plagued American society. It serves as a stark example of the need for accountability and justice, especially when those responsible for such heinous acts evade punishment. The scars left by this tragic event continue to haunt the memories of those affected, and it serves as a somber reminder of the work that still needs to be done to ensure equality and justice for all.

Der of the systemic racism and violence that has plagued the United States for centuries. It serves as a stark reminder of the deep-rooted injustices faced by Black communities and the lack of accountability for those in power.

A glimpse of BLM movement in US (Photo by Nicole Baster on Unsplash)

The attack on MOVE was not an isolated incident but rather a reflection of the broader pattern of state-sanctioned violence against marginalized communities. It highlights the excessive force and brutality often employed by law enforcement agencies, particularly when dealing with Black activists and organizations fighting for their rights.

The bombing also raises questions about the role of the federal government in supporting and enabling such acts of violence. The fact that the FBI provided the police with explosives raises concerns about the extent to which federal agencies were complicit in the attack. It underscores the need for a thorough investigation into the involvement of higher authorities and the accountability of those responsible.

Furthermore, the aftermath of the bombing exposed the deep-seated racial disparities in the criminal justice system. While the survivors of the attack faced legal repercussions, the police officers and officials involved faced no consequences for their actions. This blatant disregard for justice further perpetuates the cycle of violence and oppression faced by Black communities.

The bombing of the MOVE headquarters serves as a painful reminder of the ongoing struggle for racial justice and equality in the United States. It is a call to action for society to confront its dark history and work towards dismantling the systems of oppression that continue to perpetuate violence and injustice. Only through acknowledging and addressing these painful chapters in American history can true progress be made towards a more just and equitable society.

Written by Hammer Bureau