125th Birth Anniversary of ‘Rebel Poet’ Kazi Nazrul Islam: the First to Translate ‘The International’ to Bengali

Soham Das

24th May. '24, 8:45pm

With the armistice being signed between the Entente (the Allies) and the last remaining opponent from the Central Powers, Germany, in Compiegne in France, the First World War…

Comrade To Lam elected as the new President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

To Lam, a prominent figure in the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) and the Minister of Public Security, has been elected as the new president of the Socialist…

Once USA bombed itself

Hammer Bureau

19th May. '24, 1:05pm

The United States has faced criticism from the global community for its involvement in several bombings worldwide, which have been seen as driven by an imperialist agenda. However,…

Palestinian novella in the era of colonial aggression

Sourav Goswami

17th May. '24, 4:57pm

The global “war on terror” often portrays Palestinians as terrorists and human bombs, overshadowing their liberation struggle against settler colonialism. Palestinian progressive literature plays a crucial role in…