Revolutionary Movement and the question of LGBTQ+ Liberation 

Viraaj Devang

18th Jun. '24, 12:02pm

Throughout human history, ruling classes have consistently argued that their societal structure is the most “natural” state of affairs, disregarding the true course of history and justifying existing…

Revolution in the Forests : Remembering Birsa Munda

Bisambar Mura

9th Jun. '24, 1:38pm

Birsa Munda, the unanimous leader of the anti-British as well as anti-feudal agrarian tribal movement of Chhotanagpur, was born on 15th November 1875 in a poor Munda family…

People of India Deliver a Blow to BJP in the General Election

Viraaj Devang

5th Jun. '24, 2:51pm

In a surprising turn of events, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has faced a setback in the latest general election. The far-right political party has been in…

Engels and the Materialist Outlook

Varinder Khurana

1st Jun. '24, 1:07pm

An article ‘The Part Played by Labour in the Transition from Ape to Man’ written by Engels in June of 1876, “…was written as an introduction to his…