SCO and BRICS+: Pathways to Multipolarity

Alan Paul Varghese

12th Jul. '24, 1:26pm

From the angle of realist school and liberal academia “global south” as a category is an ideal concept which is far from reality. In an article titled “Is…

Looking Back at the 1929 United Kingdom General Election: When a Jailed Shaukat Usmani Was Fielded as a Candidate by Communists

Soham Das

9th Jul. '24, 2:12pm

Just a few months back. It was a pleasant March evening in Kolkata, and I was sitting inside the century-old library building of ‘Bangiya Sahitya Parishat’, going through…

Surprise victory of the allied Left in France halts the ascent of the far-right in Western Europe

Arka Bhaduri

8th Jul. '24, 4:30pm

The recent aggrandisement of Western Europe’s far-right politics just faced a significant setback in France. The left-wing alliance called New Popular Front (NPF) emerged as the largest force…

Tory downfall in UK general election

Hammer Bureau

5th Jul. '24, 6:15pm

Jeremy Corbyn, the former Labour Party leader, has emerged victorious in Islington North, a constituency he has represented since 1983. This time, however, Corbyn has been elected as…